Will Smith – St. Louis Wedding DJs

Our DJ, Will Smith was great! He was outgoing, and easy to work with. We did not give him much of a song list, but him and our wedding guests requests kept the party going! Rachel, Schlafly Tap Room

A rising star at Complete, Will, while not THE Will Smith, he does know how to get jiggy and rock your special event. He specializes in Weddings, School events and and College formals.

How would you describe your “DJ Style”?

My DJ personality is very outgoing and fun. I really enjoy meeting new people so I will not be stuck behind the DJ booth. I also enjoy interacting with the crowd making sure everyone is having a good time.

What is your favorite DJ memory?

At a wedding reception about 15 miles outside of Springfield, a groomsman requested the song, “Watermelon Crawl.” I played the song and the best man came out of no where into the dance circle as if he was carrying the largest watermelon you have ever seen (while he had some high knee dance moves). The groom and the rest of the party joined and it was incredible.

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ?

My favorite thing about being a DJ is being able to meet so many different people on one of the biggest days of their lives, and making sure it goes exactly how they wanted it to go. One of the best compliments I have received was that this was one of the most fun weddings he has ever been to and that was the groom that said that.

What makes you unique / stand out as a DJ?

First of all, my name. It’s not everyday you meet Will Smith! I really enjoy getting to know other people so you will see me going table to table talking with guests and asking for song requests before the event starts. The second thing is that I really enjoy what I do, and it can be seen by busting a few dance moves out on the dance floor.

What is your favorite part of the night?

My favorite part of the night is when the dancing starts because at that point you can really see the bride and groom let loose and have fun with their friends and family.

What is your favorite party song?

My favorite party song would have to be “Shout” by The Isley Brothers because it has been around for awhile but it is a guaranteed hit!

Why did you become a DJ?

I have always had an extremely outgoing personality and being the youngest of three, I heard a lot of music which explains my wide range in taste. The main reason is that my older brother was a DJ and I would always go to his events and take notes of how he did things then I was blessed with a great opportunity at Complete!

List one fun fact about you most people do not know:

I was NOT named after the actor, rather my grandfather, William Kauffman.

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